Black and White

I decided I was going to be a photographer one way or another after taking a basic black and white course at the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, ME.  I ran across the photos I took before everything went digital and I was just out having fun. Right when those little Italian schoolgirls came running […]

Atlantic City

“Everything dies baby, that’s a fact, but everything that dies someday comes back.”  Bruce Springsteen’s lyric from his song “Atlantic City” came to mind when I found this old photo of my grandfather’s brother Phil strolling along the boardwalk in Atlantic City – dressed to kill.  He signed it for my grandfather, “To Rog, Phil”. […]

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

My first memories are of spending time with the most beautiful girl in the world.  Last month she turned 80.  She’s taught me a lot about beauty – in life, in the world and within ourselves.  My mother Virginia never feared aging, never loathed getting older, and never stared in the mirror wishing her wrinkles […]

Full Circle

About 16 summers ago, I met my parents for an outdoor concert at Grant Park in Chicago.  While I was waiting for them, I saw this cute young family playing nearby.  Little did I know that that family would be in our lives now.  When my parents arrived, I pointed them out and we commented […]

Hunting with Girls with Hawks

A couple of weeks ago I went to my second meet with the Indiana Falconry Association.  I was told it was often the best because it was the last of the season and the food was “to die for” (I kept hearing things about bean soup).  The last meet I photographed was held at a […]

Avalon and the Ancient Sport of Falconry

Last week I spent a Saturday with a group of falconers at an Indiana Falconer’s Association meet, and on the drive home, I wondered what had led me there.  Honestly, my initial fascination with this ancient sport shallowly started with Roxy Music’s album cover for “Avalon”.    (From what I’ve read, Bryan Ferry put his […]

Max’s Album Cover Shoot

Well not really, but my old neighbor’s child is a really cool kid (extremely nice too).   I hadn’t seen him in awhile, but when I saw those long legs, that great hair and that touch of  early-teen awkwardness (just a touch Max – and yours is cool), I said “I have got to photograph […]

Goodbye to Summer 2015

Photographed this boy at Marquette Park in Gary, Indiana at the beginning of the summer.  I saw him looking into the water with all of this wonder and it reminded me of myself when I was that age.  I used to go to local ponds and collect aquatic creatures of all sorts  (and then I’d […]