Fall Family Portraits

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to capture families and children in natural light.  The sun is low, the temperature is right and the leaves are just starting to show their colors.  A couple of weeks ago I photographed the darling Bendat – Appell family on a sunny Sunday morning in Highland Park, IL. […]

Max’s Album Cover Shoot

Well not really, but my old neighbor’s child is a really cool kid (extremely nice too).   I hadn’t seen him in awhile, but when I saw those long legs, that great hair and that touch of  early-teen awkwardness (just a touch Max – and yours is cool), I said “I have got to photograph […]

That Sad Little Twinge

Recently photographed the Cook/Sunkel family last week on the Hood Canal.  As the sun started to set I noticed one of their little girls wrapped in a towel with a very familiar look on her face.  It is about this time in August when you occasionally get that whiff of fall and realize summer is […]