Thank He or She for the Babcias in this World

One of the best things that came out of one of my first jobs was befriending a woman named Krys Chlebek.  I’d like to think we became friends because we shared similar intellectual interests, but honestly, I think we bonded over our mutual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that we disguised as some sort of deep, meaningful, […]

Fall Family Portraits

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to capture families and children in natural light.  The sun is low, the temperature is right and the leaves are just starting to show their colors.  A couple of weeks ago I photographed the darling Bendat – Appell family on a sunny Sunday morning in Highland Park, IL. […]

Toga! Toga!

I’ve been able to re-vist the  “glory days” of college  through a number of photo shoots I’ve had over the years.  Lake Forest College, Washington University, Loyola and Northwestern have allowed me to go back from time to time.  (Washington University photos shot for Red Box Pictures in Seattle) I also had the honor of […]

Learning to Hunt Jackrabbits with Miles Davis

I was fortunate enough to attend the NAFA (National American Falconer’s Association) 2016 meet in Elk City, OK to photograph and cover the only woman in the United States who hunts with a golden eagle for Amtrack’s magazine “The National”.   After covering a wild mustang story together for “Hemispheres Magazine”, writer Eric Benson and I […]

Monster Margaritas + Wild Waves + Mass Humanity = Fun I Phone Photo Project!

Several years ago my brother and his wife started taking their kids up to Wilderness Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells for a little mid-winter break.  It wasn’t their usual vacation, but they started to enjoy the benefits of a weekend with a bunch of other midwesterners in a faux-tropical environment filled with chlorinated water, screeching […]

Alissa & Zach

On October 1st, I spent a rainy but beautiful Saturday at the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva, WI photographing the wedding of Alissa & Zach.   Alissa’ s family has been neighbors and friends with my family for over 50 years and this connection made it an extra special wedding shoot.  Like any wedding day, […]

Happy Bruce Day!

Happy Birthday Bruce! I just read “Vanity Fair’s” article on Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, “Born to Run”, and he talks about how he has a major let – down after his concerts are over. It’s comforting to know he feels the pain too.  I remember after one of his concerts with a friend I said, “What? […]