Alissa & Zach

On October 1st, I spent a rainy but beautiful Saturday at the Grand Geneva in Lake Geneva, WI photographing the wedding of Alissa & Zach.   Alissa’ s family has been neighbors and friends with my family for over 50 years and this connection made it an extra special wedding shoot.  Like any wedding day, there inevitably were perfect and imperfect moments, and I was so glad to be there for all of them.  In the end, the beautiful moments stood out – even during the most stressful parts of the day.

Zach and Alissa grew up in the same neighborhood and were buddies throughout childhood.  When they were 12 Zach told Alissa he was going to marry her. When they were in their teens, Zach hid outside and waited for Alissa to break up with a boy that was wrong for her.  When he left, Zach rang the doorbell to ask Alissa to their prom.  And… the rest is history.  Congratulations you two!  It was an amazing privilege to photograph your big day!

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