The Ghost of Christmas Past Shoots

Back when I was a staff photographer for the local papers of Chicagoland (Pioneer Press – now TribLocal), we’d be sent to cover every Christmas/Holiday event in just about every church basement, school gymnasium, pubic library and town square.  We loved our jobs, but I remember (fondly) all of us whining  a bit:  “I’m so sick of Santa Claus!”  “What kind of shot am I going to get at another craft fair?!”  Let me tell you, finding a good photo in a church basement is far more of a challenge than shooting  any story in oh… pick an opulent, bucolic setting….. anywhere.  I was going through some of my old files and I found these.  Thanks to all those photographers out there who taught me to always believe that there CAN be something worth sharing in the depths of bad light and a church basement.

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