A Facebook Free Reunion

When I was young, one of my best friends was Allen.  Everyone always laughs at me for talking about the “good old days” in the 70’s.  But this truly was a time where kids ran free throughout the neighborhood, knocked on doors and said ” Can so and so come out and play?”

Allen was the boy who came over to talk to me, protect me, and promise me things like a praying mantis on my birthday.   He lived in the house kitty -corner from my back yard and he used to call me Seuss.  He would also call me out to play by yelling “Ooee Ooee Sooey Sooey!”  (ewwy ewwy sewwy sewwy)    I always wondered where the boys like Allen went – the kind that were like your best friend in childhood.

My mother ran into him in my hometown the other day.  He’s a carpenter  just like his father.  He came over to visit and we posed for this photo in the place in my backyard where we used to meet to play.  When I told a friend I reunited with my play buddy, they asked “On Facebook?”

I told her, “No, the old fashioned way – like in reality.” All I have to say is that facebook would have destroyed this very real moment and I think we should all have more of them.

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