James’ Friday Night

Spent some time walking around North Tacoma on Friday evening near my friend’s home. I saw families in their yards, mothers with strollers, and kids on skateboards. Then I saw James. James had a long board and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. “I’m gonna do it”, he said to his brother Nick. “Call 911 if you need to.”

James told me he hadn’t been on his skateboard in 10 years. “I’m old. This skateboard is older than these young punks out here, but I’m gonna show them.” And he did- kind of.

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  1. Hi, this is wild talking to my son on the phone, he says hey mom check out the pics!!!!
    I live in Upstate New York, what a treat to see my sons, Thank you GREAT PICS, made me laugh!!! Thanks again lindamarie Sproch

  2. Hi Linda –

    Thanks! Nice to hear. They were great guys… if you want copies of the photos give me your e mail – I will send them! *You can email me through my website to keep it private.


  3. WOW!! I use to know James,Nick and their Mother a couple lifetimes ago……The last time I had seen
    James was 1989……He was maybe four feet tall then,,,,,,,,,and didnt smoke I dont think.But,, its like,,,,,,,WOW!!!!!!! Life is way cool,yes? Nice piece of work Suzanne!!

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